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Our Services

MAVROUDI BROS is able to offer you complete fire protection solutions. Our strategy in dealing with fire is based on prevention, early detection, combat and finally the right design for evacuation and escaping from it. With your cooperation, we evaluate the risks and offer you the most reliable fire safety solution. Having a company to look after all of your fire protection installations, your safety is easily and responsibly ensured.

Study & Training Service

Minimizing the risk of fire breaks is the number one priority in the design and study of Active and Passive Fire Protection measures, since it makes up for a necessary commitment of domestic and international law. A responsible fire safety study, along with some simple advice, and staff training, may have a positive impact on reducing the risk of fire. Specifically we offer:
  • Study Writing - Certificate Renewal - Fire Safety Books Keeping
The company offers, active and passive fire protection study writing, certificates renewal and signing of Test & Maintenance Books regarding active fire protection means for any kind of facilities like industries, warehouses, malls, hotels, gas stations, hospitals, banks, shops, houses, etc, in accordance with the Fire Safety Legislation.
  • Staff training services
The company provides a complete and comprehensive staff training program for large and small businesses. Simple staff up to experienced security officers participate in that program, with the purpose of proper and organized behavior of the workers, as well as the use of some fire fighting and fire protection media, through risk situation simulation.

Fire Detection System Maintenance & Support

Fire Detection Systems provide the earliest warnig possible at the beginning of an emergency. This means that Detection Systems are indispensable, since the early warning and saving of every second, serve significantly to the rapid reaction to fire fighting and immediate evacuation of the premises.
  • Design & Installation of Fire Detection
In MAVROUDI BROS we can design, supply and install for you the most advanced and quality products Detection Systems Fire available.
  • Fire Detection Systems Maintenance Contract
The Systems Maintenance Contract is actually the most economical and responsible solution to maintaining your Fire Alarm System in proper functioning and ready for use. 'False' alarms and systems that have been left to their fate is commonplace, which is very dangerous, if you really think about the damage that may result.

Why is a
Fire Detection System Maintenance Contract needed?

You will ensure that the Detection Systems and Fire Alert is on the alert 24 hours a day in response to the minimum possible time by notifying staff and visitors in case of emergency.

Money Saving
Regular maintenance will also ensure the maximum operating life of the components, which will result in lower system maintenance costs. Visits by hourly paid technicians and impairment avoidance will also save you money.

With fire protection legislation, your insurance company requirements and European standards.

False Alarm Minimization
Reduce the risk of false alarms, which can cost you money, disrupt your work and hold your security services occupied without actual emergency.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance & Refill

MAVROUDI BROS can maintain all types of fire extinguishers and supply you with temporary use extinguishers in order to be fully protected until the end of the maintenance procedure.
  • Annual Maintenance - Refill
The price is the sum of the Annual Maintenance cost for each extinguisher and the Refill cost (if refill needs to be done). Additional costs result from change of parts (only when necessary due to a significant deterioration) or agent refill due to use of the extinguisher. All the operations carried out come with a 12-month proper functioning written guarantee, certificates and all necessary legal documents.
  • Annual Maintenance & Refill Contract
The price results from the quantity of your fire extinguishers and the years covered by the contract. The duration of the Annual Maintenance - Retreading Contract is specified by you  (2-10 years). Annual maintenance, 5-year Refill, changing parts when necessary, supply of new fire extinguishers in the event of termination, and withdrawal cost of your used ones are included in the total price. All the operations carried out come with a 12-month proper functioning written guarantee, certificates and all necessary legal documents.
  • Fire Extinguisher Leasing & Maintenance Contract
The Fire Extinguisher Leasing & Maintenance Contract allows our company to provide you with the fire extinguishers needed for your facilities, covering their annual maintenance/refill cost and including all the expenses in one privileged package. Choose the contract time period that best suits you from 2 to 10 years. All the operations carried out come with a 12-month proper functioning written guarantee, certificates and all necessary legal documents.
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